Mobius Jewelry ? Mystery And Beauty As One

Mystery has a way of drawing people towards it. The reason for this is people do not fully understand the things that surround them and want to give some meaning to the course of nature. When they fail in this quest, they attribute those things to a higher power, something beyond our knowledge and understanding, something that governs over all things and people.

Mobius jewelry is a representation of the Mobius strip that has found its way in jewelry pieces like rings. The name was attributed according to the person who discovered it in 1858, the German mathematician, August Ferdinand Mobius.

From a mathematical point of view, the Mobius strip has a few rather curious characteristics. It is a surface with only one side and which has only one boundary. When you look at one you would think I am crazy, but let me put you up to a little experiment.

Take a piece of paper about 30 cm long and 5 cm wide. Give one end a half a twist and then connect the two separate ends together. Thus you will obtain a Mobius strip. You might look at the end result and you would say that there is nothing too special about it. But now comes the fun part.

Take a pen and draw a line right in the center of the Mobius strip. You will observe that the line will continue until it reaches the point where it started. Thus, instead of having two lines on two surfaces you will obtain only one line, because it has only one surface. If you cut the piece of paper along the line you have drawn, you won?t get two separate Mobius strips, but a single one, only larger.

Have I aroused your interest? The characteristic of this mysterious object has confused many, but they have found an explanation for it. Instead of explaining what you see in front of you as an object, a Mobius strip can be viewed as an interpretation of something greater. This is the reason why Mobius jewelry has been developed, so that the wearer can benefit from its advantages.

Mobius jewelry can help remind us that we do not have a clear perception of the world around us. Given that this mysterious shape has only one surface, it stands as the perfect example for the Creator, who created everything that surrounds us from Himself.

Mobius jewelry also reminds us of our dualistic perception of right and wrong. This is because when you cut the strip in two, you will have a larger Mobius strip, which shows that when you view the Creator through this perception, you end up with illusion.

There are many mystical attributes which can be conferred to Mobius jewelry pieces. It can be offered as a gift to the one you love, because it is the perfect symbol of unity. With this you will offer the promise of a great and fulfilling life together.

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